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Evaluating Regional and Minority Language Strategies

Department of International Politics

During the National Assembly’s first two decades, devolved government has developed a leading role in the promotion of the Welsh language. Three national language strategies have been produced that set key targets and define priority areas for intervention (Iaith Pawb, Welsh Assembly Government, 2003; A Living Language: A Language for Living, Welsh Government, 2012; Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers, Welsh Government 2017).

These strategies represent central planks in language revitalisation efforts and provide an overarching framework for all other policy documents and initiatives relating to the promotion of Welsh.

This seminar reflects on the role and contribution of language strategies in language promotion efforts both in Wales and in other prominent cases of regional and minority language promotion in Europe and beyond. What do they do? How do we use them? Do we need to critically reflect on their contribution to language promotion?