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Gig GWLAD (BBC Horizons and Pyst)

Geraint Jarman, Eädyth & Jukebox, Gwilym, Rachel K Collier and Afro Cluster.

A spectacular night of music to take pride in our thriving and varied scene.

Geraint Jarman - The influential musician, singer and poet who has enjoyed a prolific career since the 1960s. He is credited for introducing genres such as reggae to the Welsh language music, as well as using music to voice protest and social dispute.

Eädyth & Jukebox - Electronic dance music at the highest standard. Her vocal and ability to craft songs, is nothing short of amazing.

Gwilym - Indie-rockers from Caernarfon and Anglesey and winners of five Gwobrau Selar 2019 awards.

Rachel K Collier - One-woman electronic production machine known for her multi-instrument technical setup and high-energy performances.

Afro Cluster - This collective of musicians from all over South Wales are reputed as being one of the finest live bands in Wales.

We will manage bookings for this event by using Tocyn.Cymru. During this event we may capture pictures and videos which we may publish on our website, and on social media channels. For more information on how your information will be used, please see our privacy notice on our website.
If you do not want to appear in any pictures or videos, or want to ask a question about how your information will be used, please inform a member of Assembly staff before, or during the activity, or email

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